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National & Local Program Focus

Clubs are required to celebrate Founders’ Day annually to recognize the shoulders on which we stand and the role and responsibility we have to prepare our young people for the future. This observance is the occasion to present the Sojourner Truth award to an outstanding African American woman. This is the highest award given by the Association and presented by a local club. The award was established in 1948.
The World Health Organization has defined health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Our Clubs, sharing their expertise and knowledge, design and implement projects addressing health issues, and advocating and supporting community health initiatives.
Education is the foundation for improving one’s standard of living, increasing cultural awareness, learning fundamental skills for living, and acquiring problem solving skills. Our clubs implement an array of activities including financial aid workshops, adopting schools, college tours, test-taking strategies, and mentoring. The scholarship program is the foundation of the education focus on the local, district, and National levels.
The ability to earn wages for work is a basic human right. Too often women are not afforded the opportunity to earn a decent wage in non-traditional jobs. This disparity in wages and job opportunities is evident throughout the African-American community for women and men. Our programs include providing information on employment, careers, and skill building.
Clubs direct their programming efforts on developing and sustaining black and women owned business in our communities through The Power of Our Dollar$ project and the National Black Business Directory. Projects address the difficulty in accessing business capital, accumulating personal assets, real property holdings, estate planning, and retirement strategies.
In 1996 the Convention adopted the Women’s History program as the nationally recognized program selecting the theme “Women’s History is Our History Too!” The first Saturday in March is designated as NANBPWC, Inc. Women’s History Day. The purpose is to focus on the many contributions made by African American women who have and are instrumental in advancing education, business, professions, technology, family, and community.
The International Affairs Division's (IAD) primary endeavor is to foster an appreciation among our constituents of the need for international collaboration, cooperation and understanding. The IAD serves to develop effective programs for women and children globally, using International HEED as a model for income generating projects, communicating the effects of diet and clean water on health, and promoting economic development through education. These programs support grassroots women's groups by empowering women to identify and implement solutions to the problems in their communities, to share skills and expertise in health, education, and economic development.
We have a strong commitment to working with other organizations dedicated to improving our communities. Our focus is to develop opportunities to maximize efforts, leverage resources, and jointly promote community empowerment and self-sufficiency. We welcome every collaborative and networking opportunity. 

NANBPWC, Inc. "Women Empowering Women"

Gardening Our Temple- Health

Save Our Environment- Education

Save Our School Children- Education

Sisters Investing in Sisters- Economic Development

Stand Up! Speak Out!- Education

Power of Our Dollars- Economic Development

NANBPWC, Inc. "LET'S Empower Women"


NANBPWC, INC recognizes the value of service and the importance of the

inter-relationship between leadership, entrepreneurship and technology. Therefore,

NANBPWC, Inc. has established the critical links needed for successful 21st  Century women through the LET Institutes:Leadership, Entrepreneurs’ Business Development and Technology.

The Brooklyn Club NANBPWC

Chartered  1945

President- Barbara Biggs Glover

Director of Membership

Dr. Kim Best

NANBPWC, Inc. Mission

Our mission is to promote and protect the interests of African American business and professional women; to serve as a bridge for young people seeking to enter business and the professions; to improve the quality of life in the local and global communities; and to foster good fellowship.


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